A new multi-chain decentralized finance (Defi) protocol offering innovative yield generation, backed by tangible real-world assets.

deHedge.Fund provides investors with long-term predictable returns, stability, and peace of mind.

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Long-term approach to optimize asset growth.
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Stability over falsely inflated APY numbers.
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Consistency to eliminate losses in the markets.

Why deHedge Fund?

Greetings! deHedge.Fund serves as your Defi intermediary to the EVM Universe, and will be compatible with all EVM chains.

At deHedge.Fund, we embrace a long-term perspective, prioritizing stability and consistency over artificially inflated APY figures. Our project not only eliminates fabricated sell pressure commonly observed in Defi ventures, but also optimizes asset growth and wealth generation.

As deHedge.Fund operates on all EVM chains, there is no requirement to transfer your preferred tokens across various networks. Whether you prefer ARB, AVAX, BSC, FTM, or any other, you can invest directly in your chosen chain. By eliminating the need for token bridging, we have eradicated the biggest security threat to your assets. In 2021 alone, over $900 million worth of assets were stolen through bridges.

deHedge.Fund aims to establish a governance-based monetary system that functions on all EVM-compatible networks.

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Get started with deHedge.Fund today

The distinguishing features of deHedge.Fund are dependability, safety, transparency, and sustainability. Invest with assurance, invest with a community, invest with deHedge.Fund. Please note that this is not financial advice, and we encourage you to conduct your own research before investing.

Our Roadmap

Dehedge DAO Inc

  • - Fixed term staking platform
  • - Treasury management
  • - NFT management
  • - Lifestyle platform

Wealth Management

  • - BlockGuard Funds
  • - Curated Funds
  • - Portfolio Builder
  • - BlockGuard Portfolio Pro

Coming Soon...

We're a team of crypto experts, enthusiasts and purists.

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